HKonJ: Moral March gets national media attention

On Saturday, tens of thousands of people from all over North Carolina (and across the country) assembled in downtown Raleigh to participate in the annual Historic Thousands on Jones St. march. This year, the march became part of the Moral Monday movement that started during the summer, and participants protested a whole host of the GOP-dominated NC legislature’s decisions and inactions.

photo (4)

I was among the couple hundred UNC students who attended to call for improved public education funding, improved health care access, LGBT rights, women’s reproductive rights, workers’ rights, environmental protection and other social justice issues. The experience was reenergizing. 

photo (5)

Current estimates of the number of attendees range from the 25,000 (the number expected to attend) to over 80,000 people according to the NAACP. It’s thought that the march may have been the largest in the South since the historic 1965 Selma to Montgomery March. The event grabbed national media attention, too, and MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry covered the event on her show.


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